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Product Beta Testing Program

Apply to be a member of the Grandstream Beta Club and become an exclusive beta tester for our upcoming products. We are looking for dedicated candidates with extensive technical and industry experience to join the Beta Club to test our soon-to-be released products.
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Gwn cloud
Grandstream is excited to announce the beta test of our new cloud controller for the GWN series, GWN.Cloud. This test is the first of its kind. We invite all dedicated GWN Access Point users to log on, create a free account, and participate in testing our cloud controller for the GWN series of APs.

Using GWN.Cloud you can manage any WiFi network from anywhere using our mobile application or a web browser. GWN.Cloud provides:

  • A streamlined network configuration process
  • Real-time AP and client monitoring
  • Statistics, reports, and alerts
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    Click sign up above to create your own GWN.Cloud account and participate in the Beta test.
      Once you create an account at, add your access points using the GWN.Cloud application (iOS and Android) or by manually entering the MAC addresses/passwords of each AP into your account.

      Everyone is welcome to join and provide feedback using the forum. Please note our cloud controller only works with GWN Access Points and all technical support is provided via the GWN.Beta Forum. Phased enhancements will be introduced to GWN.Cloud as the beta is going on.